"Bulgarian Stock Exchange" offers a wide variety of information services and products related to trading in financial instruments admitted to trading on the Alternative Market. BSE provides information for distribution in the form of standardized packages that have been developed to meet the needs of potential corporate clients, namely: information agencies, investment intermediaries and issuers.

An online platform through which companies disclose information to stakeholders. The platform offers automatic transfer of the information provided by companies to the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), and the public. Visit EXTRI

A specialized media portal through which issuers of financial instruments fulfill their legal obligations to disclose regulated information to the public according to the Public Offering of Securities Act. Visit x3news

An online platform that maintains up-to-date, structured information about companies traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). The platform is freely accessible. Visit x3analytics

An online platform for effective and transparent reporting of sustainable practices by Bulgarian companies. Visit Oxygen