Bulgarian Stock Exchange–Sofia is a public company that was officially licensed by the State Securities and Exchange Commission to operate as a stock exchange on October 9, 1997 and is currently the only functioning stock exchange in Bulgaria.

The scope of the Exchange activities include:
  1. Organizing trading in securities and other financial instruments;
  2. Operation and maintenance of information systems for trading in securities;
  3. Establishment and maintenance of a clearing system guaranteeing the obligations assumed under securities transactions executed on the Exchange.

BSE-Sofia's mission is to facilitate the establishment and development of an organized capital market which would guarantee the members of the Exchange and the clients of the said members equal access to market information and equal conditions for participation in securities trading.

BSE-Sofia's main strategic goal is to establish and maintain an efficient capital market in Bulgaria and to strengthen its public acknowledgment as a source of funding for the local business and an essential tool in the Bulgarian economy. In this respect, BSE-Sofia's main priorities include:

  1. Introduction of new instruments, order types and trading opportunities;
  2. Improving the market infrastructure in cooperation with the other capital market institutions;
  3. Improving the trading conditions;
  4. Attracting new investors and issuers;
  5. Changes in the legal framework;
  6. Corporate Governance;
  7. Improving the corporate structure of the Exchange.
The efforts of the BSE-Sofia's Management are focused on maintaining high operational standards, constant pursuit of market development and generation of changes.